Bollywood – an industry that practically touches almost every Indian's mind, body, and, soul; One that transports the common man from the real to the reel life. Besides, you have always felt excited about all the colorful mess in our Cinema - the hero jumps through a wall of fire, the heroine gets tormented by the evil villain, a song, and dance number – it all happens in a typical Bollywood potboiler. Indeed, these tours are created to give you the perfect glimpse of the rich and fascinating history of Indian movies, the famous "Heroes", and, the controversies they created. Our Bollywood based tour include options for doing a tour of studios and sets, wearing typical Bollywood costumes, and learning to gyrate our hips to popular Bollywood songs under a hands on training offered by qualified teachers. Finally, you could witness typical and fanciful Bollywood razzmatazz show in all its glitz, and costumes recreating an unmistakable Bollywood saga.

Bollywood Studio Tours & Dance Classes are available in these following cities:

Mumbai, Delhi & Chennai


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