You may agree that the word “authentic” is more overused than the word “sorry” in tourism, but Bhutan is one place that will remind us of the true meaning of cultural authenticity. Best known to the world for propagating "Gross National Happiness," the world has much to learn from them. Despite its small landmass Bhutan has a remarkable abundance of flora and fauna and is one of the most biologically diverse regions of the world. This unexplored Himalayan Kingdom has worked hard to retain every aspect of its cultural identity. Every house that is constructed must conform to guidelines that mandate traditional woodwork and craftsmanship on the fascia. Every time a Bhutanese citizen sets foot on the building of a government office, a school, or a college, they are essential by law to don the traditional attire – the Gho (for men) and the Kira (for women). The realm of Bhutan not only keeps its traditions alive from within – it also takes active steps to limit external influences while reaping the economic benefits of tourism.

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