Our Refund and Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is governed by similar policies imposed by other provider of services. Till 30 days before the tour there are no payments requested nor any cancellation charge imposed. However, there would be exceptions in certain cases where advance payments would be required to secure certain services. In such situations the payment and cancellation policies would vary on a case by case basis.. If any tour is cancelled within 30 days of operation, then, a 50% cancellation charge can be levied by the company. However, in a case by case situation depending upon what funds the company can retrieve from the various vendors, the cancellation figure might be smaller. For any cancellations effected during the course of the tour, the refunds would be at the discretion of the company.

Client Testimonials

The Proof Of the Pudding Is in Eating it. Suggest Check The Feedback Of Guests Who Have Tasted The Trinetra Pudding!

Decided to use this tour service after reading the TripAdvisor reviews &, overall, we were not disappointed. We wanted to do the Golden Triangle plus the Ranthambore tigers & had specific requests & constraints They organised everything for us & made the trip so easy. We were collected from our hotel & taken to the train station, escorted to our seats on the Gaiman express to Agra, met at Agra by the local Rep & our driver, Govind. Can't recommend Govind highly enough, he was available whenever we needed him and a very considerate driver. The hotels they booked were excellent particularly the Nahargarh at Ranthambore - and we saw tigers! After our visit to Agra we wanted to return to Delhi by train & Trinetra organised this all for us, including last minute decision by us to have a bespoke half day tour of Delhi. Really do recommend using the train for longer journeys. 



Went with the reviews here & can't say we were disappointed.
From the first professional email contact with Mahendra ji & the team we put together a whirl wind 12 day tour of Delhi, Udaipur, Jaipur, Ranthambore and back round again.
This included 2 internal flights to save on time & a wonderful driver.
Agree with everyone else, they are an outstanding, professional company would highly recommend & will definitely use again soon.
Don't hesitate & just book it lol!

Thanks to the team who made our first visit back to our roots so amazing and magical!.

Visited December 2016


– shaysmum


After a long safari in Tanzania, we played with the thought of exploring India. I mean why not right? We can sleep and recuperate during the flight and be ready for another stretch of adventure. I emailed multiple companies and immediately got drawn to the responsiveness of both Mahendra and Vernika. The best feature of this company is their flexibility. They tailored the itinerary to our liking and even included a food tour with India City Walks since we are big foodies. The E-Visa procedure in the New Delhi airport was flawless and quick. Sunhill, our tour executive was already waiting for us with a big yellow sign. We had cold bottles of water in the car since it was one of the hottest times of the year! The biggest perk of our chosen time to visit is that there were very little tourists around. We felt like we had India all to ourselves.

The hotels in our itineraries were fantastic. Check-in and check-out process were fast and seamless. Hotel rooms were comfortable and exceeded our expectations. See my reviews for the included hotels in my TripAdvisor profile. For all the travelers out there, India has a different approach when it comes to touring the Golden Triangle. You are assigned a driver and then meet the local guides in each city you visit. I find this very interesting since you get a variety of tour guides. What we liked about it is that they each have a vast knowledge of their city. It is very much personalized and focused. We had Mr. Shivam for New Delhi. Chek-out my review on under India City Walks and then Mr. Bhagwhat for Jaipur. He is a very knowledgeable man with an impressive background in astronomy. And last but not the least Mr. Shankar in Agra. Our most animated tour guide with so much passion about history, religion, and tradition. We learned the most from him. He even hand delivered printed photos of us from the Taj Mahal before we left the city. That was such a thoughtful gesture. Not only was he the best tour guide, he was absolutely the best photographer!

Last but not least, Mr. Vijay our driver. He is the man who kept us safe throughout our lovely visit in India. The streets of India is chaotic, fast, and can be dangerous for both pedestrian and car. But Vijay is an exceptional driver. He kept us informed every step of the way. He is knowledgeable in all the cities we visited and always had cold bottles of water in the car ready for us. It was like we had another personal tour guide with us. We listened to Indian music and he would explain it to us. Vijay gave us time to sleep in between long drives understanding that we have come a long way. We caught a big storm on our way to Jaipur where you could not even see the road ahead. He navigated through that with so much ease. Thank you Vijay! We will always remember you!

We highly recommend this company! The key is to communicate your expectations with them and they will exceed it more than 100%. Thank you Trinetra! We will be back!

Visited June 2017


– JessMLV


This is the review for a trip I took with Trinetra Tours to India April 22nd through May 6, 2017. I should say up front I have travelled extensively, usually without the assistance of a tour company, so this was a learning experience for me.
I had tried to do all the research I could on tour companies who handled trips in India. As a U.S. citizen, I started with companies that were based here or in England, thinking they may possibly be more reliable (or at least easier to try to work something out with if I felt they had done me wrong). I quickly realized all those companies were well out of financial reach for me, with some of their package tours coming in at around $10,000 (U.S.) just for the tour.
So I began looking outward at companies based in India. I used several resources, but TripAdvisor was the most helpful. After a good deal of research and review of first-hand accounts, it seemed to me there was one company emerging with the highest consistently excellent reviews and more important, very recent ones. This was Trinetra Tours.
I began e-mailing them and was met with gracious and hearty responses from Mahendra, chocked full of information and good tidings. He was always prompt in his replies and helpful with my questions.
Trinetra started with a suggested itinerary. I was ambitious and wanted to do a lot of things in my two weeks there. The company was very flexible, basically taking the attitude that as long as it was a reasonable request, they would make it happen, be it an extra night here or skipping/including this place or that one. We came up with an itinerary that was primarily based in Rajasthan, but also included Delhi and Varanasi. There were seven total destinations, and Trinetra was to provide an air-conditioned car to travel to most of them, although there was an overnight AC sleeper train at one point (to Jaisalmer) and a domestic flight on Indigo Airlines (to Varanasi).
Trinetra had agreed to pick me up at the airport in Delhi. Due to air-traffic control issues in Washington D.C., I missed a connecting flight and lost a whole day of vacation. I was afraid this would totally throw off the plans and I would be trying to get to my hotel in Delhi on my own.
Not so. Trinetra rolled with the punches and there was a most helpful individual at the airport once I arrived who was to ensure everything went smoothly for me. Enter the gracious Mr. Kevin Miller, I hope he is doing well. Kevin had a car with a driver awaiting us, and took me to the hotel accommodations Trinetra had arranged for me as part of the package deal. Kevin was nice, informative, and had so much paperwork for me I thought I was applying for a federal job (this is not a critique though – when my life is to be in your hands for the next two weeks, I will take thorough).
My package included hotels for every leg of my journey, except my night in the desert. The hotels were all very nice (special shout-out to the Hotel Gulaal in Jaisalmer, which was an exceptional facility), air-conditioned, and would have cost a pretty penny in the States. Each offered an included breakfast. I think I helped myself too by going in what was nearly the hottest part of the year. It was 107 degrees my last day in Varanasi. Having said that, this is not for everyone: the crowds are few (at times I felt like the only tourist in a given area), but the sun could absolutely boil brass door knobs by 2:00 p.m. You have to weigh your priorities on that one.
Transportation was arranged between all city destinations, and I enjoyed the company of my drivers who kept me safe in the automotive chaos of Delhi and India in general. Special props go out to a couple who I felt a solid connection with. It was really cool riding around with Raj in Delhi and getting to chat a bit with him. I know he is friends with Kevin so I hope they will have a toast in my honor next time they are doing something fun. The bulk of my driving was done by the very capable Mr. Raju, and I thank him for getting me safely everywhere he did. It was my understanding that he was about to transition employment, so I wish him the best of luck with whatever endeavor he has undertaken.
At every destination, there was a Trinetra rep who basically made sure transitions were smooth, that check-in to the hotel was seamless, and to inquire as to my needs. Separate from this, there was a tour guide twice a day from the local area for each day of sightseeing. A special shout-out is in order for fellow attorney and overall cool dude Jai in Varanasi, he was an excellent guide. Trinetra arranged for everything. Once I decided to trust their company, I left most everything it in their hands, and they did not disappoint. The one other tour company I dealt with, Trotters, who Trinetra hooked me up with for the camel safari, was also great, and will be reviewed separately.
India can be daunting. It can be a challenge on your own. I am not saying it can’t be done, and props to those that do it. I am sure it can be very rewarding. For my situation, however, I had very limited time and several destinations I had to see. Just trying to figure out what train tickets and where to buy them at the madhouse that is the Delhi train station would have taken so much time my trip would have suffered for it. Trinetra arranged for everything.
Overall, I want to say I recommend Trinetra to assist you in planning your experience in India. The price was fair, the itineraries flexible and pretty much up to you, and there is typically always someone within easy reach who can help you if you have any issues. Kevin gave me his cell number and I knew at any time I could call him with issues or concerns. Also, one day, one planned excursion that had been an additional fee I ended up not going on. Kevin arranged for a prompt refund for that portion of the package.
So, in summation, Trinetra really exceeded my expectations and is a company I would trust to arrange my trip if I ever make it back to India (and I hope I will). I understand they are also expanding, and handling trips to some neighboring countries. India was amazing, I saw Delhi, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ranthambore, Agra, and Varanasi. Thanks guys, and keep up the good work!

Visited April 2017

– Jason A


We were 2 couples wanting to plan our own itinerary through Rajasthan from Udaipur to Delhi via Agra. Trinetra was referred to us by other friends who highly recommended them after their India travels. We had a 15-day road trip in March 2017 with a wonderful driver (Anil). Nobody telling us what to do or when just some advice from Anil and the Trinetra crew along the way. There were a few places were wanted to visit that we off the usual route and this was not a problem. Our van (Tempo Traveller) was excellent with seats much comfier than any plane trip. If you can afford to upgrade to this van do so because it is well worth the money if you are doing a bit of road travel. We also used the services of Trinetra in Delhi at the start and end of our trip and also in Varanasi. My husband and I happened to be Delhi for HOLI and the Trinetra crew organized the appropriate clothes for us and had them waiting for when we arrived. The organization process in the months leading up to our arriving was so easy and the staff (in particular Mahendra) always responsive to my many many emails/questions and in the most pleasant manner. I had decided that if the Indian people were anything like Mahendra I was going to love it and of course they were and I did. This company made a great first impression and then backed it up. There were a couple of hiccups initially which were really just my naivety and expecting too much having never travelled to India before. My husband and I have done quite a bit of travel, usually self-drive and never using the services of a tour company. We had concerns about 'us' having control but this was never an issue and the trip was definitely our own. I would highly recommend this company and not hesitate to use them on any returns trips.

Visited March 2017

– josie1962