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Why choose Trinetra Tours

Believe in the online testimonials of hundreds of guests.

We understand and serve your travel needs by bestowing a human face to the travel experience as we seek to relieve a professional obligation by personalizing relationships, and service.

Experience well researched tours that go beneath the surface to bring you the less knows as well as the unusual aspects that India as a travel destination has to offer.

Who We Are

Specialists in setting up customized vacations to India for over 25 years now, our tours attempt to get beneath the skin to explore the less known, unusual and unique aspects of a destination. Our tailored and private day tours have earned us a "Hall of Fame" certificate from Trip Advisor – an accolade bestowed upon for receiving a certificate of excellence for 5 consecutive years; Awarded most promising tour company of North India by World Travel Brands. As the Best Reputed tour company in India, we seek to understand better the unique needs of each of our guests, and then render a tour that is appropriately matched to the guest's travel style as well as preferences. Over the years we have endeavored to become the one stop solution and one of the best Travel Agencies in India for the entire gamut of travel needs that our discerning guests would need.

Then there are few aspects that make our tours unique:

Firstly, we are all from the field. Hence, we will offer tours that are practical and showcasing the best of each destination. You can count on us for planning the best tours and travels in India. Secondly, we work with handpicked drivers and guides who, besides being knowledgeable, are nice human beings from educated and cultured middle class families. Finally, we have excellent rates with vendors and hotels. This helps add value to our tours and enables us to provide the best package cost for tours in India. Our company is also bonded and affiliated with several global travel bodies in America, Australia and of course in India. Also, Trinetra Tours is a government of India approved travel outfit.

As the top reputed tour company in India, Trinetra Tours brings you the most meticulously planned Holiday Travel Packages of India and Tours Travel Packages of India.


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