Tibet - the ‘forbidden' land. Protected by the great Himalayan chain to the south and west, and even more inhospitable mountains to the north and east, Tibet has haunted the ambition of travelers for centuries, and it is only in the last twenty years that more than a handful of travelers have managed to penetrate its remote secrets. Although there are now frequent travelers to Tibet, the allure is still there: the very remoteness, inaccessibility, and mystery are still enough to catch the imaginations of the inquisitive traveler. Tibet is a land of great beauty, of vast landscapes and glittering peaks, high altitude desert, densely forested gorges, brilliant skies, clean rivers, and little modern development. In the attached offer we are embarking upon an intriguing discovery of some of Tibet's hidden treasures. The charming and inspiring Tibetan people, combined with their unique culture and beautiful environment, make Tibet one of the world's most remarkable destinations.

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