Laos is an incredibly alluring travel frontier; that is waiting to be discovered. Landlocked and mountainous, flooded by jungles, this beautiful country assures you an Indiana Jones adventure in remote tribal villages and life in the ancient Buddhist caves. However, a long-running civil war kept the country off the mainstream tourist circuit for many years. Tourists were banned from Laos, but now it is possible to travel all over the country. Laos is finally finding its feet and getting all the attention that it rightly. Laos is a country of surprises and mysteries. One of the last unknown secrets of Asia lies in the area around Phonsavan. A collection of mysterious huge jugs, carved out of solid rock, is lying scattered around a plateau now known as the Plain of Jars. The easy going feel and the lack of development make Laos perhaps the most genuine and pristine of the Southeast Asian countries.  The Country also boasts itself with a great sense of pride after the European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) presented Laos with the council's award for ‘World's Best Tourist Destination for 2013.' Adding to the magnum, you will also encounter the mouthwatering Lao cuisine which is a blend of French as well as Southeast Asian style of cooking, and perfectly washed down with a bottle of Beer Lao.

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