Cambodia is a country waiting to be rediscovered! Popular for the marvelous temple of Angkor - a visually striking architectural masterwork of religious devotion and one of the major spiritual monuments ever constructed. Numerous travelers head straight to these jungles shrouded ruins, but the travelers who stay longer and explore deeper will see that Cambodia has much more to offer. On your Cambodia expedition you can cycle, or, ride through countryside, forested villages, straddle through the heart of the Country, witness lush flora and fauna, and, experience a culture untouched by the Western World.  In spite of housing the eighth wonder of the world in its backyard, Cambodia’s real riches are its people. The Khmers have seen years of aggression, death and political instability. They have prevailed through time and have managed to keep their smiles intact. No traveler comes away without a measure of respect and affection for the inhabitants of this enigmatic kingdom. Cambodia’s quiet and sleepy towns and cities are a delight, with their faded colonial design and traditional charm. Then, in the countryside a host of exciting landscapes of the mighty Mekong River and great Tonle Sap Lake in the far-flung forested highlands of Rattanakiri, Mondulkiri and the Cardamom Mountains awaits the attention of the itinerant traveler. Down south, in full contrast, the coast serves up a beguiling cocktail of party-lifestyle, pleasure-seeking, idyllic beaches and magical island.

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