Yes!! We know everyone knows this story that Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman have given the world Casablanca. But we believe there is much more to see in Morocco than its largest city. This Atlantic coast country will certainly enthrall you with the opportunities to experience ancient Arabic culture, stunning beaches, or, snow skiing in the mountains. Whether you ramble through ancient Medinas, sampling cuisine at a local Souq, or, relaxing in the sun at a whitewashed seaside town, the period of the past has been always present in this beautiful, diverse, and, colorful country. With many of the most striking and culturally-interesting places in Morocco being inaccessible by car, trekking and walking are often the best ways to experience what many feel is the true Morocco. In these regions you will also witness an unhurried pace, places untouched by the modern world. Spend some time with the locals, and see some of the most spectacular scenery of the country.

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