Short Tour of Amritsar

The Short Tour of Amritsar itinerary will take you through the attractions of Amritsar, and, will proffer you with an insight into the life and times of this religious city.

Tour Highlights As Below:

  • We will visit the fascinating attractions of Amritsar including the Wagha Border between India & Pakistan. Each evening a very impressive lowering of guard’s ceremony is performed along with a march past by soldiers of both countries.

  • Also, we would be visiting the Golden Temple which is the Mecca of Sikh religion. The temple with a shiny pure gold dome, is beautifully situated in the center of a lake (The Holy Tank).

  • One of the major attraction of our itinerray would be a visit to the Jallianwala Bagh, the martyr’s memorial where thousands of innocent Indians were cordoned off by the British and fired.



Day 1 : Arrival / Amritsar

Morning Arrival. Meeting and assistance upon arrival at the Amritsar airport and transfer to hotel, Hyatt.

Afternoon, we will journey 40 Kms to Wagha, the border between India & Pakistan.

Evening, we would be visiting the Golden Temple after dinner (not included). There happens a spectacular ceremony, where the Sikhs put their holy book (Guru Granth Sahib) to sleep.

Overnight at Hotel Hyatt, Amritsar (Hyatt Room) (No Meals)

Day 2 : Amritsar / Departure