An Open Letter to our beloved Guests

Posted: 25 March 2023

It is with a sense of poignancy that I make this reconnect with you.  Yes the pandemic devastated your and our lives . The vacuum created by the missing aura of near and dear ones will always make a tear on our hearts . Those we lost had dreams, ambitions, and a delicate kinship with their loved ones. They have transcended to a world where human aspirations and virtues are made redundant. Those left behind grieving in the world of mortals had to await for time to ameliorate their scars.  In the world of tangibles livelihoods were brutally impacted  making us question the make belief material wall of security that we amateurishly created around us. Mother Nature has her own way to reveal our impotence against her whims and fancies 

However, fortunately, the wheels of time never cease to grind. The scars of the pandemic will always remain to teach us the virtues of humility and empathy. However, a glistening Sun has arisen in the horizon. Time is handing back to us our world so that  we could uninhibitedly yet again fall in love with what is next to our hearts. For Trinetra Tours, our being is founded on curating vacations and making incredible contacts with our esteemed guests. This pursuit of our passion is only possible because you too have decided . You have decided to leave the campfires in your backyard, put your travel boots on, and go once again your itinerant way to explore exotic natural and cultural treasures  ensconced in the bosom of far away lands . Of course to satisfy this inner quest of yours, you are prepared to surmount the challenges of high mountains, deep oceans and arid deserts . This is because the inquisitive spirit that defines you will only be satisfied when you have enriched yourself with the offerings of an alien culture . You have that insatiable desire to place a perspective or a context to your life by being an involved witness of global civilisations .

I guess the hands of time are favourably conspiring to make rendezvous of your inquisitive quest with our insatiable passion of yet again falling in love with you. In the happening of this holy confluence we are ready to yet again bring your way life defining vacations . You need to let us know the destinations that pique your interest - we would be there bright eyed and bushy tailed to garb your aspirations into the reality of a living dream.


However, to plant some seeds in your heart and to start a conversation why do we not share some of your top picks ? I know most of you have been to India. I must hasten to add that the enigma of India is ceaseless . In this mailer for the repeat visitor, we have proposed tours that scratch the surface of India to reveal , less known, but, engaging destinations, remote but breathtakingly beautiful Himalayan venues, tribal traditions untouched by the winds of modern times and so much more.

I am also recommending a tour of the Middle East that brings to the fore the incredible heritage of Jordan, Israel and Egypt . The mesmerising landscape of South Africa is legendary . I am combining this with wildlife experiences both in South Africa and Botswana. Talking of wildlife we have not overlooked the resplendence East Africa’s game. I am also combining the game viewing with a visit to the fabled Victoria Falls - one of the most significant natural wonders of the world. 

Then, we have a special destination that we will recommend to you. Have you been smitten to vacation in a land of lakes, volcanoes as well as rivers ? Are you keen on natural beauty ? f yes, do consider our itinerary of Rwanda, a country also known as the ‘ Land Of A Thousand Hills’.  Not only are we offering a journey through incredible scenic beauty, rocky mountainous terrains, and the unmissable volcanic peaks, but you can aspire to view upon the last remaining species of mountain gorillas, residing amidst the dense forest. The Gorilla trek is perhaps the biggest attraction of Rwanda 

Finally, can we ever overlook Southeast Asia ? It is not surprising that the region is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, and for a reason: a tropical climate, warm (or hot!) all year around, rich culture, traditions , value added tours that unveil the destination’s centuries old traditions . Vietnam , Cambodia, Laos and Thailand are incredibly enriching destinations and we have attempted to reveal the less known as well as the well known aspects of these destinations .

The picks that we recommend in this mailer are a minuscule sampling of the great oceans of travel possibilities around our lovely globe.Please do reach out yet again to Trinetra Tours, your trusted partners in the shared endeavour of bringing to life enriching and distinctive vacations. Friends , we are beyond being thrilled at the prospect of yet again being a part of your  vacation .  If I can be honest with you, I will say that in these difficult times your faith as well as your business is as important as life itself. However, with all the integrity at my command, I assure you that we will, as before, pour or hearts and souls to make this vacation live in a special place in your heart for all times to come.  This is our personal commitment to you. 

Warm regards 

Tapas Banerjee  
Managing Director   
Trinetra Tours Pvt. Ltd.

Trinetra Tours