Sharing a Hint Of Bengal With the World


The Bengalis are great food lovers and take pride in their cuisine! A meal for the Bengali is a ritual in itself even if it is only boiled rice and lentils (dal bhat) with of course a little fish. Bengalis, like the French, spend not only a great deal of time thinking about the food but also on its preparation and eating. Also, Bengali cuisine is perhaps the only food style in the Indian region which still holds its authenticity over 1000 years. Though Bengal was once ruled by the Mughal emperor and,  once was even the capital of British-colonized India the authenticity of food styles was preserved and enriched over the years. However, in comparison with the popularity of South Indian & North Indian cuisine - the Bengali food still lags behind in terms of popularity and people's attention. 

So, we wondered why not share with you some authentic Bengali cuisine's photographs by @curious.curry:

2. "Badshahi khichudi 
#celebrations #begins 
An old age recipe from the Bengal cuisine to celebrate the exquisite and joyous Drops of the monsoon rain. "

3. "Sunday breakfast 
Luchi (deep fried flat bread) and alur tarkari (Potato Curry)."

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4. "A weekend start with some special menu ..  "

5. "Celebration mood - Bengali tradition Narkel Naru (a special sweet from Coconut)"

6. "The Bangladesh Bharta Thali - Bharta means mashed, all the dish prepared by mashed the ingredients together. It representing the old age grand Maa’s recipes from East Bengal cuisine (Present day Bangladesh). The lost and some untold stories from their kitchen."

To read the full recipes find the link here; smiley