Mother nature and environment

Let’s be more responsible towards mother nature!


Mother nature and environment nurtured us without any partiality since ages. Mankind would always owe its existence to nature. But, ironically, we seldom care for nature and hardly, any one of us takes time to think about the consequences of our day to day activities on nature and its purity and sanctity. The world is standing on the verge of climate change challenge which is expected to have a huge impact on the existence of the mankind and living beings.  

The Earth Hour 
The Earth Hour is just another movement which initiated way back in 2007 in Sydney wherein people switched off the lights of their home or offices to show undiluted support for the need to act on climate change. And it has been trending continuously thereafter. 

Every year people across the globe are volunteering and coming forward for supporting a cause called “save our earth”. They switch off their lights for one hour and organize events in natural light or light of the fire. If done in large numbers, it would bring down our carbon emission levels substantially and is very nourishing for our environment.


Promoting Ecotourism 
In-spite of concentrating just on the lavish and luxurious spots of tourism, Trinetra Tours highlights the bright facets of rural tourism and native tourism. We pronounce the vitality of flora and fauna of our planet. The wild safaris are not only filled with itineraries for exploring the jungle, rather we work out theme based outings and even discuss issues for protection and conservation of wildlife. Ecotourism is all about planning tours which are assisting the existence of our ecology, helping in the conservation and protection of our wild lives. As a part of biodiversity, each and every animal and living being is of utmost importance in order to maintain that balance in the environment. If we disturb the ratio of their population in any which ways, mankind is going to suffer gravely. 


Responsible Tourism and its applications
Responsible tourism is all about sustenance and uplifting of tourist spots keeping in mind the welfare of both the residents and nature. It’s actually a joint effort of hoteliers, tour operators, local people and Government for making tourism more sustainable and secure as an industry. At least, local and native tourism can help by promoting the marketing and sales of local art and craft, culinary delights and other handicrafts. Trinetra works in this direction by adding a visit to local markets or rural areas as part of their itinerary. The main purpose to promote native culture is to help our generation understands the beauty and the importance of nature. We are so busy earning a living today that we rarely find time to take a look at the bigger picture. But, now is the time to look around and contribute to the world in whatever small way we can, before it’s too late!