Myanmar holiday tour

Board the boat of mysteries at Inle Lake


Inle is the 2nd largest freshwater lake in Myanmar with a surface area of 44.9 square miles. You would love to live the unique but interesting life of Intha people who are the natives of this region. With its unique and versatile culture, the Inle Lake brings to its visitors numerous possibilities that would be imprinted in their hearts with times to come. Below are the few activities which might linger your taste-buds:     

Craftsmanship at its best
Starting your day of adventure at Inle Lake shall essentially begin with a boat ride. You would be quite enthralled to meet the boat builder who has successfully kept and brought the skill and talent of boat building from generations. He earns his livelihood by building boats and helping people in transportation around the lake.

The village Kyay Sar Kone dwells upon water and the livelihood of villagers is quite interesting. Some women entrepreneurs are into the business of making hand rolled cigars. These are called cheroots (traditional local cigar). You could also get a chance to meet these young entrepreneurs and take a glance through their skill and passion for their work. These young ladies are not only self-sustained but are also providing means of livelihood to the villagers as well.

Handicrafts are one of the prominent livelihood options for villagers and you would see and observe the life of an artisan very closely, the one who is creating graceful shrines and majestic thrones. Also, craftsmen create glass mosaic work artifacts. You could calculate the recognition and talent of the craftsman who has made royal barge which is shaped like Karaweik (mythical bird) and the same is used as a centrepiece for annual Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival. This festival holds apt importance for Myanmar and their people. 


Go the traditional way
Floating gardens are the farmlands of these villagers as they grow and cultivate crops on these floating gardens only. Planning a trip to Inle Lake will be much more than a trip as you would get to know more about the wonders of nature and several ways of living that you were unaware of. You could do an intimate gossip with the farmer and ask him details of cultivating crops on floating garden.


Not only this, you could feel and avail the warm hospitality of villagers. You would be even welcomed by an Intha family to live their life for one day. Yes, that’s true and you could taste the authentic cuisine of Intha people in lunch and dinner.


Well! Food is the greatest part of any trip and if you get a chance to taste the authentic food of that region, you are on top of the adventure. And if you love the food served to you, you can join the cooking classes of authentic food of Myanmar.  Guess, what’s more? Every Intha family has a good storyteller and listening to a real-life story from real heroes can convert your dinner into a lavish feast.
Freezing moments, Bike rides and more…
Intha people are truly blessed with super talents. They row the boat with one leg while wrapping another one around their oar. While Intha fishermen are busy hunting for fishes with both hands, your hands must be clicking and freezing those precious memories. You can even accentuate the beauty of pictures if you click them in the morning while the sun is newborn and subtle.


Well! It's not only a water story. You can explore the perimeter of Inle Lake by a cycle or motorbike. Don’t fail to click and frame weather-beaten stupas (Pagodas) along the areas of Inthein. Not only polished and maintained monuments are click-worthy, only a seasoned traveler could calculate and admire the beauty and elegance of weather-beaten monuments.
 Red Mountain Estate Vineyard is yet another venue to be explored with full vigour. If you head towards the east of Inle Lake, you would be stopped by Red Mountain. You can roam through the vineyard or indulge in four different types of expensive wines. Your trip to vineyard could make you elusive of being in France.
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