Bali best destination for beach holiday

Why Bali is the best destination for a beach holiday


The tropical allure, white and black sand beaches for sunbathing, strong waves for surfing, clean waters for swimming and world’s best resorts - yes, that’s Bali for you. Whether you want to travel for relaxation, adventure, peace, family vacation, or for romantic getaways, there is a beach in Bali to suit the particular need. A destination where time stands still and the only sound you hear is the murmur of the sea. Bali provides seclusion and a relaxing atmosphere for the discerning holidaymaker.

Bask in the glory of the golden sand at Nusa Dua Beach         
This beach is a perfect surfing spot and the golden sand makes it a pleasurable experience to take a sunbath. The clear blue ocean makes it best for snorkeling and is popular as the perfect haven for swimmers with its low currents and waves. You can enjoy the tropical charms including a wide variety of flowers and plants, tall palm trees, wild mangroves, and orchids. Also, there are so many luxury hotels built around the beach famous for their vibrant cuisine, and dynamic parties.


Enjoy Balinese nightlife activities at Kuta Beach
You will find the beach full of snorkelers, jet-skiers, parasailers, and swimmers who cover the beach in the daylight which transforms into a party place during the night. Kuta beach is one of the best places to spend your evenings. You’ll have so many options of entertainment to choose from while drooling into the wide variety of scrumptious Balinese food. There are DJ nights, performances by international artists as well as the local artists to make your evening a happening one. 


The Dramatic Landscapes at Amed Beach 
With the black sand and elevated volcanoes on the horizon, this beach will give you some memorable and awe-inspiring images. It is home to one of the most vibrant reefs of islands i.e.coral garden. Earlier famous for traditional salt farming, today the beach is a popular destination for the divers. You can enjoy riding in the wooden boats and a special massage by locals to relax after deep diving.


Take a plunge in the Balinese culture at Balangan Beach               
Under the blue sky, you will reach here by passing local villages with cattle grazing the fields and Balinese people busy with their daily chores of activities. It will be a perfect secret hideaway if you are looking for solace and a peaceful break. This is a small and quiet beach with blue ocean water and it will not only help you relax physically but will also soothe your eyes with its scenic beauty of the landscapes.


The Heaven looks like Sanur beach               
Sanur beach is located at the coast of village Sanur, one of the largest traditional villages and island’s first resort towns. It stretches long with golden sand covering the beach and small corals for several kilometers. The waves are best to enjoy swimming and the water is crystal clear which makes it possible for you to see the creatures in the sea like shells, starfish as you walk along the beach. The long white sandy path is great for joggers and bikers, so, you can enjoy riding with the cool breezes and a mesmerizing view. If you are a watersports lover skiing and sea kayaking is what you can do here.


But, wait! That’s not all. There are so much more Balinese beaches where you could go for your next vacation. Some of them are popular and some of them are lesser known, but believe us all of them are worth visiting. So, if you would like to read about other beaches in Bali, let us know, and we shall collect all the information and share it with you. You can connect with us at