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11 Best Travel Tips For Travelling Broad


Traveling to new places is surely a fun and adventurous experience. You’ll explore new places, new cuisines, meet new people as well as know their culture, and explore a new side of yourself too.  However, all these experiences may sometimes be overwhelming for a traveler of any caliber. You might be traveling for business or a holiday but there are some ground rules which you should never ever ignore especially while traveling abroad.
We love making your travels a pleasing and delightful affair, so here we go with the 10 best travel tips for when you’re traveling out of your own country.

1.The Passport Rules
Yes! The first and the most important document you need to carry along with you is your passport. Do you know what is even more important? It is to know all the rules and regulations regarding the passport in the country/countries you’re traveling to. For e.g. many countries will not allow you to enter if your passport is going to expire in less than six months. Also, do check if the destination where you are going to need a certain number of blank passport pages for visas before you enter the country.


2.Copies of Important Documents
Keep photocopies of your passport and other important documents like your identity proofs. This is could be extremely crucial because in case you, god forbid, lose your passport. By keeping an alternate ID, you would save yourself from the troubles you’ll otherwise have to face. On losing your passport the authorities won’t allow you to travel until you get yourself a copy of it from the nearest consulate or embassy.


3.Smart savings on flight bookings
You don’t have to worry about the high ticket prices if your bookings are being done through a travel agent because their tie-ups with airlines allow them cheaper flight rates. However, we suggest that you should always compare the prices before you book your flights because the end of the day it's your hard earned money.


4.Local Address
You should always carry the local address of the place you’re staying at preferably in the local language, especially if you’re not on a guided tour or traveling solo. You can just keep the hotel’s business card in your pocket which will come handy if you’re lost in the city.  Keeping the hotel address, room number and contact details in your mobile phone also will be a wise thing to do.


5.Learn the Local Language
You might have the excuse that you’re on a short vacation and not for a month(s) long trip, so you don’t need to learn the local language. However, understanding and being able to speak a few local words/phrases will be helpful while interacting with the local people. Usually, the shopkeepers and drivers are not fluent in English. Therefore, it will be good to learn some local phrases that could give you an edge in your bargaining skills. Also, when you want to know the directions, mastering a few local phrases will be of great help.


6.Local Currency
Keeping a large amount of cash is never advisable while traveling. But doing a lot of transactions in a foreign country can cost you a huge amount of fee. Estimate your expenditure in advance and get the currency exchanged mindfully because you don’t want to have any excess amount of local currency at the end of the trip.


7.Carry First Aid and Medicine
You might be thinking this point is not applicable to you as you do not need to take any medicine on regular basis. Wait a minute! Do you want to face the trouble of searching for chemist shops in a foreign country where people hardly understand your language and explaining your illness to them? Of course, not. So, just carry the medicine for cold, fever, diarrhea and vomiting etc. to be safe.


8.Carry Extra Batteries in Your Bag
When we are traveling to new places we want to capture every moment, every memory. What if you want to capture one such moment but realize that the battery is low and your camera is no more usable? That’s why we advise to always carry extra batteries for your camera and seize the moment.


9.Inform your Credit Card Company
So that they don’t block your card because of a transaction made in an unidentified place. They might assume that your card is stolen and block it immediately.  If you don’t want them to put a hold on your card, inform them well in advance.


10.Make a Flexible Travel Plan
Keeping a flexible travel plan would save you from the anxiety caused by unwanted and unanticipated delays or mishaps. Also, it can be the case that you might like a place beyond your expectations and would want to stay there a little longer. Be open to spontaneity and adventure. After all, that is what travel is all about.


11.Travel Insurance
We strongly recommend that you do buy a policy that not only takes care of cancellation but a whole range of issues as lost baggage, flight cancellation, health etc. Also, please do make sure that the policy does take into account emergencies with family, your (as well as family's) health, flight delays and the like. However, it is not also very important to go overboard and buy a very expensive policy that takes into account even vague possibilities. Insurance companies have a way of scaring customers into fat policies.

Hope these tips will be useful for your next international trip. Contact us at for a hassle-free experience in preparing a customized travel plan for you.