The Birth Of


“Devote yourself to an idea. Go make it happen. Struggle on it. Overcome your fears. Smile. Don’t you forget; this is your dream.”  

Few months back, the ask was like climbing a mountain – the stakes were high (since we had invested a lot both in the terms of money, & time), we knew the goals which we had set for ourselves won’t be easy, or, simple instead it would be difficult, & complicated, but, we were determined to do this for Trinetra for she has done a lot for us over the span of 25 years. 

The original Trinetra website ( was a pioneering or an innovative initiative. It was created even before “Uncle Google” was conceived! This was one of the first few travel websites in India aimed at reaching out to the new generation, net savvy visitor who wished to engage beyond national frontiers through the all encompassing cyberspace. Of course, for its time, the original website did a fantastic job in making a delightful alliance of Trinetra Tours with host of esteemed guests from all over the world.  However, as somebody said “ Change is the only permanent thing in this world.”  Also, technology is changing every day, so as a business heavily dependent on technology, we need to upgrade as well, with this in mind we started planning the website. The return of our Vice President Mr. Agrim Banerjee from Australia (after completing his Business studies) was just the perfect icing on the cake. As soon as he became an active participant of the day to day operations of Trinetra Tours, he too realised that there is a need to give the lady (Trinetra) a new makeover – so that she remains pertinent with today’s contemporary trends. In no time he took it upon himself to give the project a vision, mission, and direction.  In one occasion, we heard him saying (when asked about the need for the website?) “We need to create a technological stepping stone that will help us build a wholesome solution that empowers the modern day traveller with the necessary information and support to plan their dream vacations”. He wanted the platform to be at par with modern day expectations of the net savvy traveler, and, at the same time also reflect our philosophy, vision, ideology as well as our style of working.  

Every project has its challenges, and, our endeavour was no different. In the words of our Vice President “it is very essential to find a right technology partner who could deliver a customized solution to all our business needs. Today most of the vendors believe in delivering  a copy/paste job” (by that he meant a stock solution). The other concern was allocating time from the daily routine of our busy schedules, and, making sure the project received our unfettered attention. Also, we were mindful of the fact that when the website was completed it would be informative as well as engaging, and not a mere collection of haphazard facts, and figures. Last, but not the least, it was important to ensure that the ideals and the soul with which the original Trinetra Tours website was created was not diluted.

Yes, finally, we have been able to overcome all the challenges and present our new baby into the cyber world. As our Managing Director, Mr. Tapas Banerjee quoted (at the launch of the website) - “This is almost an emotional moment as this product of love, creeps through the cyber spirals to make a mark for itself. I am sure that somewhere the right chords would be touched. To all visitors, I would request you to spare some of your precious time to look through what Trinetra Tours has created! I make an earnest prayer to the master of divine spirits to bless this ( site with as much overwhelming love & grace as He blessed our initial efforts.” We could not agree with him more!

Looking forward to meeting up with you in the Cyber World.