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Top 5 tours recommend for the first time Travelers to India


A vacation to our country is not just about seeing sights. It is to do with losing your heart repeatedly at every twist and turn. India is that destination where the itinerary reflects just about 40% of the experience. The rest is all impromptu that cannot be predicted, but, will happen continually. These are encounters and experiences that would continually, but, pleasantly assault your senses. Young children walking up to you and gently holding your hand to inquire about your country, name etc, people breaking barriers of language and culture to set up a communication prompted from their heart. Their eyes and expressions could tell a thousand stories. Running into traditional weddings, gypsy families waving frantically as they ride past in their camel cart, colorful pavement bazaars, fairs, festivities etc are aspects of India travel that are though enriching and a highlight of a tour but cannot be penned in an itinerary. It is the spontaneity of the destination that is both unique and at the same time mesmerizing.

What are the top 5 tours for the first time India traveler?

1. Golden Triangle Tour Of India: This is the most celebrated travel routes in the world that brings to you within a short span of time some incredible sights, great food options, shopping for crafts and also the contrast as well vibrations of India's culture. The pure Muslim theme of Agra is juxtaposed to the Hindu traditions of Jaipur. Then, there is Delhi that offers a harmonious blend of Hindu, Muslim and British heritage as well as the new face of modern India. Hence, this vacation is an amazing potpourri of India's historical journey.

2. Taj & Tigers: This tour is a delightful mix of the best of India's cultural and natural heritage. You will not only experience wilderness, and, view monuments of great architectural significance, but, we will also explore and observe traditional lifestyles unchanged for centuries. This is real India and witnessing this will make you see your own lives in a different perspective - cow dung plastered homes, local crafts, traditional tools and above all the disarming hospitality of the natives.

3. Essence of India (Khajuraho & Varanasi): Besides, the celebrated golden triangle route of Delhi Agra & Jaipur, treading this trail would bring to you two of the shimmering jewels that embellish the tapestry of one's north India sojourn. The 1000 year old temples of Khajuraho depict sex so explicitly. This is a lesson for the Ideologists. 1000 years back there were no taboos on sex. It was seen as an education and different postures as well as theories were overtly pronounced as seen in the temple carvings. This is something that is unimaginable in today's world and times. Besides, this sensual venue is a world heritage site, and, such explicit Kamasutra carvings are unique. Khajuraho itself is nothing more than a village and one can very easily walk from one end of the town to the other in 30 minutes! Yet, the place is unique and has a global identity.

In Mark Twain's words, "Benares (Varanasi) is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together." Varanasi is living today, just as it used to 2000 years back in time. In terms of spirituality, we must share with you that rituals and traditions exist with the same belief as it used to be then when the city was set up in distant history. Varanasi will also move you and change you. The city shows how all men are equal, and at the same time how unequal they are in terms of their status, dignity and possessions. A visit to this city is a very humbling experience where, we need to endlessly thank God for being kind to us when he caused the accident of our birth.

4. Rajasthan Short & Sweet: For the traveler strapped for time, this tour brings to you a sneak peak of the ever so romantic land of Udaipur, where the palaces of Whimsical charm, the romantic lakes, and the old bustling Bazaars make the visit very special, and worthwhile.

Also, Rajasthan is a land of believers, and of unshakable faith in their local deities. We could experience the spirituality at Pushkar – a very small town with one major road (actually, lane). The entire town spreads around the Brahma Temple and the Lake. This is the only Brahma (Creator) temple in the world. Pushkar is not only a religious city, but, it communicates the atmosphere and charm of a small town that still lives centuries back in time. You would really enjoy your walks along the winding lanes of this sleepy town as you drift back in time.

The tour climaxes by bringing to the visitor the richness and, the diversity of the Golden triangle circuit of Delhi, Agra, & Jaipur.

5. The Himalayan Splendour Of Darjeeling & Sikkim: The lure of the Himalayas is legendary. Darjeeling, at the end of a breathtakingly beautiful journey through the mountains, has reigned supreme as the queen of Hill Stations. Facing the towering Himalayas and surrounded by high green hills covered with coniferous forests, Darjeeling is perched at an altitude of 2134 meters amidst the shadow of the mighty Kanchenjunga. The town of Darjeeling is a maze of steps and terraces. It is studded with exotic little bazaars, lovely villas, forests and gardens. Some parts of the city air are filled with the aroma of the world famous Darjeeling tea, which is processed here. The views of the Kanchenjunga from the Observatory Hill, the sun's play on the Everest seen from the nearby Tiger Hill are unforgettable experiences. A walk through the gardens growing the finest tea in the world, a ride down to the valley or just relaxing on the Mall road are all exquisite experiences.

Then, there is something else that we believe you would find very special, and interesting - the toy train. The latter is a real scream!! The train has a very peculiar way of clinging on to the hill. Instead of moving up the hill in a straight line it slithers along the hills in a 'Z' formation. Very much like a snake - that is why we said 'slithers'. In Darjeeling you could enjoy some very fine walks too. The circular road just below the Observatory Hill is special. The walk remains the same over the years with benches to sit and view the Himalayas. You will suddenly be transformed from the sublime natural beauty of sublime human creativity as seen in the handicrafts of the artisans at the Chow Rasta.

Sikkim has often been described as the nearest thing to paradise. Here the swift Teesta River cleaves her serpentine track through precipitous slopes of bamboo and wild banana, rising to forest of orchid festooned trees towering like cathedrals. Overlooking the mountain clinging capital city of Gangtok is the mighty Kanchanjunga—the snow mantled regal protective deity of Sikkim. The people of Sikkim cocooned for centuries by protective mountains, had countless generations to develop their own lifestyles untouched by the hurrying world outside. They structured their dress, folklore and cuisines around their ancient faith in their green home, which rises from 250 meters to frigid 8,500mtrs, where nothing grows and the ice never melts, Their sense of color was honed by their orchids and butterflies, blue poppies and wild rhododendrons. Their dance captures the savage force of nature in which waterspouts over icy lakes became dragons of the air swishing their scaly tails.

One very special place is Pemayangtse in East Sikkim. Oh! One could die for the natural beauty here! At sunrise, just step out into the gardens of your hotel and witness the changing colors of the reflections of the rising Sun on the snow clad peaks of some of the world's tallest mountain ranges including the Everest. The changing colors from deep crimson, to red, to orange, yellow and then white is an incredible experience that will take your breath away. You are here in the cradle of natural beauty. The Monasteries, the chanting of the verses of the monks and the prayer flags all are seen in the foreground of this mind boggling beauty and add an uplifting feeling to the experience.

Besides Pemaysngste, there are several fascinating natural venues beautifully sheltered in the lap of nature that offer amazing views of the Himalayas and the terraced fields in the background, and, valleys as well as the swiftly flowing Teesta River in the foreground.

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