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The Proof Of the Pudding Is in Eating it. Suggest Check The Feedback Of Guests Who Have Tasted The Trinetra Pudding!

My family and I (wife plus two daughters- age 9 and 14) travelled through Rajasthan for several weeks during the summer of 2016. Trinetra Tours was there through the entire planning process (months ahead of time) and arranged everything- transportation, accommodations, and excursions- to the very last detail. 
They were extremely well managed, reliable, and sensitive to the unique needs and interests of our family… and always flexible to insure that we experienced India in a way that suited our pace and interests (not an easy feat!!!!). From the moment we arrived they were there for us- and always took exceptionally great care throughout our entire adventure. We always felt safe with our drivers, welcome and comfortable in fantastic accommodations, and fascinated through all the diverse activities (from camel safaris and temples… to palaces made by Maharajas and visiting families who live in simple mud huts). I cannot recommend Trinetra highly enough for those who wish to visit India!!!!
A personal note:
One cannot explain India… only experience it! Without a doubt it is a place that redefines how a person sees the entire world and themselves. The people of India are incredible! Warm, open, generous and caring. Sights, sounds and wonders vibrate in a way that is frenetic and calm at the same time… chaotic and baffling- yet always welcoming… inviting in ways that are unlike anywhere else. India has changed myself and my family and we are grateful. Thank you Trinetra!!!!

Visited July 2016

– Erich G


I came across this tour agent in tripadvisor itself. Some of the company which I was in touch didn't response to me in a proper time frame. After reading the reviews here, I dropped them a message. To my surprise, within 24 hours I got a reply from Mahendra and I must say his patience in meeting my demands was extremely high. I customized the tour for my 70 year old mother who wanted to visit India for the last time. Mahendra and the team provided us with an itinerary which will fit her health and convenience. My destinations were Dehli-Agra-Bangalore-Mysore-Cochin. When I arrived I met Rohit who was our tour executive. He did an excellent job . His biggest contribution would be accommodating to my last minute changes. Half way through my tour, Mahendra informed me (thank god he informed us, if not we would have been stuck in the hotel for 3 days) that there was riots at Bangalore and we decided to scrap Bangalore and Mysore , headed straight to Cochin. Rohit managed to get refunds to cover my new plane fare and also my additional days at Cochin. He even manage to find some shopping places which I wanted to go because the driver did not know. We have been on tours before, but this time I literally felt like I was in First Class on an airplane. Absolutely loved their services!

Visited September 2016

– Urosha


Our tour was efficiently organized and included all the great sites. We had wonderful guides and enjoyed the hotels. We highly recommend!

Visited July 2016

– Juliet


Fantastic private tour with my wife.
10 days: Delhi- (fly) Udaipur- (drive) Jodhpur- (drive) Jaipur- (drive) Agra- (drive) Delhi
All arrangements were well handled, all Trinetra personnel and associates were always professional. Accommodations and activities were as advertised.
Our driver, Pramod, was a real treat- a friend, trusted advisor along the way, and a safe driver. 
The drive between cities provides an opportunity to really see the country and people. The itinerary was full (as we wished), yet flexible. 
I recommend Trinetra without hesitation.

Visited October 2015

– WilliamBixler


I was in India for business so I only had a few days available for tourism as a solo traveller. I got in touch with Trinetra and they designed, arranged and executed everything to match my needs perfectly. I did a 2 day visit to Agra - Taj Mahal and Agra Fort and it was absolulety amazing. They took care of every detail so that I focused entirely on enjoying the trip (they even gave me some small change so that I could use/tip public toilets). Everyone at Trinetra was extremely polite and professional. 
I hope that I have the chance to come back and do the Rajasthan tour next time.....

Visited July 2016

– EuFederico


I joined a 1-day private Delhi city tour with Trinetra and had a wonderful experience. 

Some of the positives that jumped out to me:
1) From initial contact to conclusion, they really made sure you were taken of. I booked the tour with only a few days notice and had a lot of questions, they were very responsive throughout the booking and answered all my questions. The tour itself also had many "touchpoints" - a tour manager that welcomed me to the tour and checked in at the end to make sure everything was fine, the driver, and the tour guides - and everyone was very accommodating, friendly, and made pleasant conversations. My tour guide even treated me to masala milk tea out of sheer genuine desire to share his love for food & drinks with me, which I appreciated!

2) Detailed and organized - it comes down to the little details like a printed copy of the welcome package and itinerary which I found to be quite useful as reference throughout the day, and small change to pay for bathroom services. A big relief if you didn't have enough time to research / plan beforehand. 

I get the feeling that this is a smaller tour company, where the general manager personally responded to my inquiries. They take great pride in taking care of customers to make sure they enjoyed their visit and care deeply of their reputation. I would highly recommend giving them a try over other larger run-of-the-mill tour companies.

Visited May 2016

– Christina D


I opted to do a one-day tour of Delhi recently while in the area on business. I found Trinetra via Tripadvisor and their excellent reputation on this site is well deserved. The company was very responsive and accommodating when I needed to adjust plans, and their service was top-notch. Their pricing was extremely reasonable for the quality and value of the tour and guide.

My only caveats are that you may need to be insistent if there are specific places you want to visit or enter--there were a few instances where my guide either didn't necessarily want to go inside (ie Jama Masjid) or just wanted to view from afar instead of stop closer (ie India Gate). And as with many tours, there are pit stops at various shops where you have the opportunity to buy souvenirs. I didn't mind, but I know not all travelers like the high-pressure negotiations.

Visited July 2016

– valdeac


I had an amazing time with Trinetra Tours. The most important things for me were to be safe, have fun and to make the planning easy on myself. I found all three of these things with them. Even though their offices were closes when I have coming to India, they were still able to accomodate my schedule. Basically, the places I wanted to go and the things I wanted to do, were really listened too. Also - they gave their ideas, without being too pushy. Our tour guide (I called him Guzzu), was great. the van was AMAZING. We took a nice long nap from Delhi to Agra when visited the Taj Majal. The van was always waiting for us and we never needed to walk far. I recommened this tour group already to two other group and they were VERY happy.

Visited June 2016


– Natalie K

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