Uniquely Indian

India has a timeless culture that has been enriched over time by a multitude of dynasties – both home grown, and foreign. These have impacted our beliefs, day to day living, and, just the way ethnicity is painstakingly retained and preserved over centuries. We have carefully sculpted several unique tours that bring to the visitors the unusual and typical aspects of different regions.

We would briefly highlight as below:

1. Yoga & Ayurvedic Tours:
Yoga and Ayurveda brings a great synchronization between body, mind, and, soul. Today, they are not just an art or science but considered as a technology full of moves to keep you happy and healthy. Our Yoga classes conducted by trained instructors bring to you the practical applications of these ancient exercises. You can then include these in your daily life. Imbibing the simple philosophies helps make life so much more peaceful.

2. The Hidden Bazaars:
India is one of the best places to observe the great colossal of cultural and social convergence of old and new. Through these special bazaar walks, we will able to witness lives at its most colorful and chaotic best. Certainly, there is life in these hidden alleys and crowded markets; people are busy, yet they have time for you, they will share a joke, followed by a good laugh – it all happens in the markets of India. The hustle, as well as bustle in these bazaars, bring to the visitor a real up-close feel of real India as you see animated customers and shopkeepers jostle for a deal. The pavement shops add to the color. Watch out for the pavement dentist who proudly displays his wares – a laughing set of dentures!!!

3. The Heritage Train Ride:
In the west, you could travel long distances on trains without exchanging a line of conversation with your fellow traveler. However, in India, by the time you have finished your journey you would have perhaps tasted most people's food, you would have greater insights into their personal facets e.g. (extra) marital affairs, (UN) disclosed sources of income, etc. Most importantly, by the end of your journey, you would have perhaps made more friends than what you would have made in your entire life (no exaggeration)!!! An important aspect of our tour is to bring to you the world heritage train rides in the hills of Darjeeling, Ooty, and Shimla. The trains have a unique zigzag motion of gaining height while climbing the hills. During the course of a journey, please do not be surprised to see a bicycle or a swift walker overtake your train! We are not traveling in a hurry, but, to make for a once in a lifetime journey where incredible of natural beauty become available to the traveler at every twist and turn. The stations on the way are typical, and, display a unique character of their own. An encroaching reminder of the days of the Raj.

Visit & dining with Indian family: An ideal opportunity to experience a typical Indian home, how they live, their attitude to things etc. The idea is to give you an insight into not only the country but, also the people who actually make up the country. Also, as they say, you get to know a person or a culture better when you share a meal together.


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